Daniel, the Baker who Freed Himself by Reinventing His Work
이틀만 일하는 빵집 주인 다니엘
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Synopsis Daniel began making bread at 3. When he was 24, he became fed up with the ‘bakery's gulag’ and turning 30, he reinvented his work. Now he worksonly 2 days a week! And during his spare time, he enjoys his other passions: gardening, playing music, and much more!
Benoit CASSEGRAIN, Hélène LEGAY 브누아 카세그랑, 엘렌 르개
CASSEGRAIN, LEGAY created Side-Ways together, searching for another world, a multimedia documentary web series about inspiring projects and people.
Director Benoit CASSEGRAIN, Hélène LEGAY
Country France
Year 2015
Running Time 7min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule