Dancing Cat
고양이 춤
  • 동물과 함께 사는 세상 - 장편
Synopsis Poet Lee Yong-han became enthralled with stray cats living in his neighborhood. Cats like to stay in their territory so he could see them often and as he recorded their daily lives in pictures, he gave them names, Bessie and Blossom.
The pictures were published in a book (Bye Kitty, and Thank You).
I am an ad director. I stumbled across the poet’s book in the library and became interested in strays. There are a lot of strays in my neighborhood.
I capture their lives on film. Giving them names like Darth Snooze, Sweetness and Thundercat and giving them food and water, I felt a change in myself.
Lee Yong-han moved to Yangpyeong and took a cat with him.
And he meets more in his new town. I learned while filming that many people care for the strays and give them food and I asked for interviews with them.
Yun Ki-hyoung 윤기형
Director Yun Ki-hyoung
Country Korea
Year 2011
Running Time 76'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule