Cooked: Survival by Zip Code
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Synopsis It is the filmmaker Judith HELFAND's searing investigation into the politics of “disaster” by way of the deadly 1995 Chicago heat wave, in which 739 residents perished. Asking open-ended questions that push people to deeply consider what it might mean to redefine the term “disaster” and reframe the concept of “resilience,” HELFAND forges inextricable connections between the cataclysmic natural disasters we’re willing to see and prepare for and the slow-motion disasters we’re not. HELFAND delves deep into one of our nation’s biggest growth industries: disaster preparedness.
Judith HELFAND 주디스 헬팬드
She is known for her ability to take the dark worlds of chemical exposure, heedless corporate behavior and environmental injustice. Her films include Peabody Award-winning A Healthy Baby Girl (1997) and Emmy nominated Blue Vinyl (2002).
Director Judith HELFAND
Country USA
Year 2018
Running Time 82min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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NameKartemquin Films
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