Coming to You, Minu
안녕, 미누
Synopsis Nepalese Minu is a migrant worker who lived in Korea for 18 years as an illegal immigrant. He performed as a lead vocal of a migrant worker band ‘Stop Crackdown’. Also, he was a social activist for the Migrant Workers’ Human Rights Movement, in partnership with Korean NGOs. In 2009, he was deported back to Nepal due to a targeted crackdown. Later, he had an unexpected opportunity to visit Korea.
JEE Hyewon 지혜원
Documentary Director for 25 years. Her feature Documentary Mom & Clarinet received awards from New York Film & TV Gold Medal, UNDPI Silver Award, ABU Grand Prize. Singing with Angry Bird invited to International Documentary Festivals including IDFA, the U.K Sheffield Film Festival and the Belgium Millennium Film Festival. And received awards from LAAPFF Best Editor, Sole Luna Documentary Film Festival Audience Award.
Director JEE Hyewon
Country Korea
Year 2018
Running Time 90min
Genre Documentary
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NameUpright Media
Tel82 2 2659 0828