공존과 멸종
  • International Competition
  • Generation Extinction
Synopsis After a mother orca carries her dead calf for 17 days, two filmmakers spring into action, joining Indigenous leaders and scientists making a final attempt to save the last 73 Southern Resident orcas from extinction. Moving beyond a traditional wildlife documentary, Coextinction takes audiences deep into the oceans and forests of the Pacific Northwest to witness the complex systems of interconnectedness linking together ecosystem collapse, centuries of injustice against Indigenous peoples, and the frontlines of the world’s most pressing environmental threats. No species goes extinct in isolation.
Gloria PANCRAZI, Elena JEAN 글로리아 판크라치, 엘레나 진
Gloria Pancrazi has worked on environmental and Indigenous justice documentaries. Elena Jean is a Canadian documentary filmmaker. She is willing to tell stories about hope, ingenuity, wild beauty and show the interconnected patterns of extinction.
Director Gloria PANCRAZI, Elena JEAN
Country Canada
Year 2021
Running Time 95min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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