Coexistence with Shihwa Lake
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis A group of young people vigorously start peddling toward Lake Shihwa, which successfully made its transition from ‘dead lake’ into a ‘lake of life’. As they journey through the endlessly stretching seawall and lake, they try to document the sounds of nature on their cameras. Humans bordering between civilization and preservation seem so vulnerable as they dangerously sway about like they’ve lost direction, but what we end up seeing by taking a step back is in fact magnificent beauty.
MIN Byung-hun 민병훈
He received his B.A. and M.A. in Cinematography at The Russian State University of Cinematography. He made his directorial debut with The Flight of the Bee (1998) which grabbed awards at numerous film festivals.
Director MIN Byung-hun
Country Korea
Year 2015
Running Time 11min
Genre Documentary, Experimental
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