Coast of Death
죽음의 해안
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis osta da Morte is a region in Galicia (Spain), which was considered as the end of the world during the Roman
period. Its dramatic name comes from the numerous shipwrecks that happened along history in this area made of
rocks, mist and storms. We cross this land observing the people who inhabit it, fishermen, gatherers of shellfish,
loggers. We witness traditional craftsmen who maintain both an intimate relationship and an antagonistic battle
with the vastness of this territory. The wind, the stones, the sea, the fire are characters in this film, and through
them we approach the mystery of the landscape, understanding it as a unified ensemble with man, his history and
Lois PATIÑO 로이스 파티뇨
Lois PATIÑO was born in Vigo, Spain in 1983. His works have been shown in art centers and was screened at major international festivals such as Rome, BAFICI, Oberhausen and Vila do Conde. Coast of Death is his first feature film.
Director Lois PATIÑO
Country Spain
Year 2013
Running Time 86min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule