City of Outlanders
  • Korean Competition
  • Talking Places
Synopsis Before it became a port city, Gunsan was a small fishing village. Under Japanese colonial rule, Gunsan served as a passageway through which rice was transferred to Japan, and thus became a city of outlanders, attracting workers. They collaborated with Japan to make a living, and, after liberation, relied on the US troops for survival. By 2020, Gunsan crumbles away like any other provincial city. All that remains is the history of capital that has passed through the city leaving traces of the past. A dancer floats around Gunsan and explores the sorrow that permeates the city.
MOON Seung-Wook 문승욱
Moon graduated from the Lodz Film School. Starting with Watch Tower (2014), he is focusing on documentary work on urban landscapes viewed by architects.
YU Yejin 유예진
Yu started her film career as a scriptwriter for Watch Tower. She established JENNY FILM and is currently working on her film focused on urban regeneration.
Director MOON Seung-Wook, YU Yejin
Country Korea
Year 2020
Running Time 62min
Genre Documentary
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NameMOON Seung-Wook
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