Circle of Poison
독의 순환
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Synopsis When the U.S. government bans a chemical, deeming it harmful to the health of its citizens, companies are still allowed to produce it for export only. Circle of Poison exposes this disturbing federal policy that sends a message to the world that American lives are more valuable, taking a global look at communities impacted by the export of toxic pesticides and how they are fighting back.
Evan MASCAGNI, Shannon POST 에반 마스카니, 섀넌 포스트
Evan is an attorney turned filmmaker from Louisville, Kentucky. He is currently the Policy Director of the Public Participation Project, working to strengthen First Amendment rights for filmmakers, journalists, and activists. Shannon is a filmmaker and food and garden educator from Florida. She is co-founder of Player Piano Productions.
Director Evan MASCAGNI, Shannon POST
Country USA
Year 2015
Running Time 71min
Genre Documentary
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