Chicken in the Square
광장의 닭
  • 포커스-새로운 환경 운동을 위하여
Synopsis The square is inundated by images of the chicken. While slogans of “dak(chicken which is pronounced the same way as former President PARK’s last name) Geun-hye,”“Dak Chee Go(a pun on former President PARK’s nickname ‘chicken(dak)’by using the first letter of chicken for the first letter of 'shut up’ that is pronounced the same) and impeach,” "It’s a good day to catch chicken” are all around as everyone’s attention is focused on getting PARK Geun-hye to step down, the chicken flu is rampant. ‘Dongbaksae(a coalition which uses the first letters of ‘people who do not hate animals and fights for PARK Geun-hye to step down and democracy’ for their group’s name)’ fights against the public’s hatred of chickens and holds a memorial service for the lives that were terminated.
HWANG Yun 황윤
HWANG has continued making documentary films exploring ‘human-non human,’ and animal relationships. Her ‘wildlife trilogy,’ Farewell (2001), Silent forest (2004) and One Day on the Road (2006) won the Award of Excellence at the Yamagata Film Festival and the Woonpa Award at the Busan Film Festival. Her 2015 theatrical release, An Omnivorous Family’s Dilemma was showcased at the 65th Berlin Film Festival and won the Grand Prize at the Green Film Festival in Seoul. She has written columns for daily newspapers The Hankyoreh and The Kyunghyang Shinmun.
Director HWANG Yun
Country Korea
Year 2017
Running Time 12min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule