Change of Hands
땅을 사라
  • 지속가능한 삶
Synopsis Change of Hands documents a social movement promoting the utopian idea: land as a common good. The members of the movement ‘Terre de Liens’ are putting in place the necessary means to change our relationship with land. Through this endeavor, the film shows how the very structure of our French society is challenged. Would collectivization of land through capitalism be possible?
Aurélien LÉVÊQUE, Luba VINK 오렐리안 리베크, 루바 빈크
Aurélien studied at the ENS LOUIS LUMIÈRE (option cinema). He directed in particular El Puesto (2011) and created the production company Cellulo Prod with Sébastien TÉOT. Luba was born in the Drôme and studies cinema in Rouen. Her conjugated interests for rural world and Argentina brought her to direct 3 movies there.
Director Aurélien LÉVÊQUE, Luba VINK
Country France
Year 2016
Running Time 66min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule