Can’t Live Without You
그대 없이는 못살아
  • 영화는 영화다
Synopsis A huge abandoned suitcase comes into sight. A girl appears and carries the heavy suitcase with all her might. We do not know what is inside. Just when the girl finds it hard to climb the stairs, a man approaches and helps her carrying the suitcase. Feeling each other’s presence, they slowly walk into darkness together.
LEE Myung-Se 이명세
After making his directorial debut with Gagman, he won the Best New Director Award at Asia-Pacific Film Festival with My Love, My Bride and the Best Director Award at Deauville Asian Film Festival with Nowhere to Hide. His other important works include Duelist and M.
Director LEE Myung-Se
Country Korea
Year 2017
Running Time 17min
Genre Fiction
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