By Land And Sea
우리가 본 땅과 바다
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis Norwegian youths are now less physically active than seventy year olds. In this documentary film young people in Lofoten challenge this claim. With much courage, joy and energy they ski down the mountain, surf the waves, glide over the sea in kayaks, and climb down into the cave shiding old tracks from those who have been there before. Together with experienced practitioners the youth gain knowledge and understanding of nature. Maybe interacting with nature will again become a natural part of life for many young people.
Jørn Nyseth RANUM, Anders ØVERGAARD 요른 니세스 레이넘, 앤더스 오베르가드
Jørn Nyseth RANUM’s interest in film started when he was quite young. With his dad's video camera, he gave life to his toys through animation. Together with Inge Wegge, he made the award winning documentary film, Northof the Sun (2012)./Anders Øvergaard started making films at the tender age of twelve, borrowing his father’s Hi8 camcorder – learning the basic fundamentals of photography, editing, and scriptwriting as he went along. Anders Øvergaard made his debut as a feature filmmaker with the drama Til siste hinder (2011).
Director Jørn Nyseth RANUM, Anders ØVERGAARD
Country Norway
Year 2014
Running Time 24min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule