Breakpoint: A Counter History of Progress
인류세: 파괴의 역사
  • Anthropocene: The Hour of the Furnaces
Synopsis For the last two centuries, progress has been our reason for being. But progress has also given us napalm, pesticides, nuclear waste and global warming. In the last 40 years, the global scientific community has intensified research and warnings. To them, these hard facts are very real, and they regard our times as a new geological era. Were the developments of coal and oil the final nails in Earth’s coffin? Had other paths been taken, would the planet look very different now? Breakpoint provides an alternative view of our history of progress.
Jean-Robert VIALLET 장로베르 비아예
He started his career as a cinematographer. Since 2005, He writes and directs his own documentaries such as Tranquility Bay (2005) and Higher Education: The New Global Economic War (2015).
Director Jean-Robert VIALLET
Country France
Year 2019
Running Time 99min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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