BREAD: An Everyday Miracle
  • The Foods We Love
Program Note Once just a daily foodstuff, bread has a wide range of types and flavors these days. The flavor of bread depends on soil, grain, flour, dough, bacteria yeast, and baking skills. This documentary takes the audience on a journey from some small organic bakeries which use traditional fermentation techniques to some large baking companies which have mass production methods. The film begins with an impressive clip of “Balling Wonder Bread (1976)” and, through the opening, implies that the physical labor of stirring, shaping, and cutting dough is the basic and essential element of baking.
Harald Friedl
He is an Austrian filmmaker, writer and musician who has created numerous feature films and TV docs. He co-authored the non-fiction book for business ethics and has lectured at several US universities.
Director Harald Friedl
Country Austria, Germany
Year 2020
Running Time 98min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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