브라지몬 호수
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis Legend has it that every well known lake must have its monster. Somebody consider the monster as a threat to keep off, someone else recognizes in it an opportunity and starts to live with. Young Sharon lives there, around the beautiful Brasimone Lake, in the Apennine Mountains, near Bologna, where fascinating nature and futuristic industrialization coexist along an ambitious and unaware dream Mountain life, seasons and recent Italian events cross each other, while onshore Brasimone Lake they built a nuclear power plant, never working, yet.
Riccardo PALLADINO 리카르도 팔라디노
Riccardo PALLADINO was born in Terni, Italy, in 1982. He studied Cinema at University of Bologna. He works as a filmmaker, shooting short documentaries, as a teacher of cinematographic language and he wrote many cinema reviews.
Director Riccardo PALLADINO
Country Italy
Year 2014
Running Time 45min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule