Boys Run
소년, 달리다
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis The sixteen years old boys Min-soo and Sang-ho have grown up in the same community. One summer day, they leave for a special tour. It's month’s bike riding through Europe demonstrating Korean martial arts, Taek-kyeon. However, they betray the master en route and go on their own way. Time passes and they’re about to turn twenty. But they are not convinced what to do in the future.
KANG Seok-pil 강석필
KANG Seok-pil began his career as a producer and cinematographer at the Seoul Visual Collective. He produced The ReclaimingOur Names (1998), The Border City (2002) and The Border City 2 (2009). Forest Dancing is his directorial debut at BIFF 2012. He is a representative of a documentary production GaMuIn Film.
Director KANG Seok-pil
Country Korea
Year 2015
Running Time 104min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule