만카의 샘
  • 쟁점 2010: 먹는물
  • 파는물
  • 흐르는물
Synopsis The mundane routine at the village takes a decisive turn when nine-year-old Manka shoots Lallan, Thakur's (the village headman) brother-in-law, with his .303 rifle, the only firearm left in the village with bullets in it. Jeevni, Dharma's young widow and Manka's mother holds the power to decide who gets water and who does not. The only well in the area is now in Jeevni and Manka's custody. A Panchayat soon follows after the incident but Manka cannot be brought to justice for reasons obvious. It all started when Thakur in his greed for power, kills Dharma in front of Jeevni and rest of the villagers. Manka was still in his young mother's womb then. Jeevni now wants her revenge from Thakur and the spineless villagers who stood in silence, watching Dharma take his last few breaths. A barter system has come in place since power shifted hands from Thakur to Jeevni. Water is distributed in exchange of any thing Jeevni and Manka want. The entire village is at the mercy of mother and son for every drop of water.
Abhishek Pathak 아비셱 파탁
Director Abhishek Pathak
Country India
Year 2009
Running Time 26'25"
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule