Bomal, Deers, Bija trees, Humans
  • The Island of Survival, Jeju
Program Note This documentary follows the thoughts and feelings of eight people living in Jeju (a haenyo (woman diver), a researcher at the Korea Meteorological Administration, a farmer, a renewable energy expert, a seed distributor, a student, a former politician, and a peace activist) about the climate crisis. It passed the preliminary screening of this year’s SIEFF and it is noteworthy for its diverse perspectives on the environmental issues we are currently facing.
Hanna Park
She studied audiovisual arts and works based in Jeju. She is currently experimenting with how an individual can live practicing daily/artistic values in the face of the climate crisis.
Director Hanna Park
Country Korea
Year 2022
Running Time 24min
Genre Documentary
  • World Premiere
Screening Schedule