Bluebird Man
블루버드 맨
  • 동물과 함께 사는 세상
Synopsis Bluebird Man is the story of 93-year-old Al LARSON, a self-taught conservation hero who has committed the last 35 years of his life to saving bluebirds. Breathtaking scenery, intimate conversations and stunning footage of Idaho’s bluebirds create a powerful film that will inspire our next generation of citizen scientists.
Matthew PODOLSKY 매튜 포돌스키
Matthew helped found Wild Lens in 2011 with the simple goal of bringing biologists and filmmakers together. He began full-scale production on his first feature length film, Scavenger Hunt, immediately after the inception of Wild Lens. Prior to his work with Wild Lens, he had spent 4 years working as a biologist with the endangered California condor.
Director Matthew PODOLSKY
Country USA
Year 2014
Running Time 28min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule