Blue Marble Café
블루마블 까페
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Synopsis Blue Marble Cafe is a film about food and nature which in a humourous and visually imaginative style explains how to get a hamburger, beer or sushi served. It shows the connection between hamburgers and bees, tells about virtual water and how shrimp farms in Thailand can lead to instant death!This film contain three different stories that all tells us how we get our food to our tables.

//(4/8추가시놉:엔트리폼) A customer visits three different restaurants: A hamburger bar, a pub and a sushi restaurant. In each place he has to wait for his order and when he receives it he gets a real surprise.
Blue Marble Cafe shows in a absurdistic and comic way how man has drifted apart from nature, the lack of knowledge of how food really is produced and the price we have to pay for that ignorance.
Hakan Julander 호칸 줄랜더
Håkan JULANDER is a filmmaker and actor focused on sustainable development and environmental issues. He has a long experience of theatre, performance art and filmmaking. He has his own production company, Blue Marble Stories AB based in Sweden.
Director Hakan Julander
Country Sweden
Year 2012
Running Time 9'50"
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule