Bitter Grapes - Slavery in the Vineyards
포도밭의 노예들
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Synopsis 22 years after Apartheid regime's fall, this is still the reality in many of South Africa's vineyards. "It seems as if modern day slavery is practised on many farms, and the farmworker is almost viewed as ‘the property’ of the employer." The statement comes from the wine industry itself. This film exposes how consumers are duped by different labelling systems that would otherwise guarantee decent working conditions for people and the protection of the environment.
Tom HEINEMANN 톰 하이네만
The Danish based filmmaker and investigative journalist Tom HEINEMANN is a two times winner of the ‘Outstanding Investigative Journalist’ of the Danish Association of Investigative Journalism (FUJ). He is running an independent production company working worldwide from its base in Copenhagen.
Director Tom HEINEMANN
Country Denmark
Year 2016
Running Time 57min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule