Bendito Machine V - Pull the Trigger
축복받은 기계 5호
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis An exotic traveler comes from far away to discover the beauty of a supposedly unexplored territory. Instead, he finds himself in the middle of a turbulent conflict. Trapped against his will, he must wait patiently until the storm has passed.
Jossie MALIS 호시에 말리스
Jossie MALIS (Lima, Peru, 1976) Illustrator, animator and filmmaker of Peruvian-Chilean origin and director of the studio Zumbakamera, sending signals to the outer space from the island of Mallorca (Spain). With special passion for the imaginary which incorporates machines and the cosmos, he is dedicated to the creation of short films and series such as the award-winning "Bendito Machine", officially selected at innumerable international film festivals such as Annecy, Sitges, Cinanima, BAF, Hiroshima, SICAF or Fantastic Fest, among others.
Director Jossie MALIS
Country Spain
Year 2014
Running Time 12min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule