소년과 바다
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Synopsis The story is about 13-year-old Damon, who is busy with illegal fishing with his father. One day, his father is arrested by the guards and Damon goes to fishing with the fishnet of his father’s friend. One day he catches a big fish called Beluga and realizes its environmental value. Damon doubts whether to deliver it to the Department of Fisheries or to sell it at bazar. Meanwhile a few traffickers seeking to steal the fish pursue Damon.
Mahdi JAFARI 마흐디 자파리
Mehdi JAFARI was born in Ahvaz, Iran in 1969 and began artistic career as a photographer and cinematographer in 1985. He obtained his B.A. from the Arts faculty at Tehran Art University in 1993 and has made numerous Documentary and Short films. And also he started his work as a Director of photography in Iranian Movies from 2005.
Director Mahdi JAFARI
Country Iran
Year 2016
Running Time 81min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule