Bare Existence
사라지는 곰들의 땅
  • Coexistence, World
Synopsis Bare Existence gives a behind the scenes look into the plight of the polar bear and the biologists on the front lines of protecting these species as they battle against the effects of climate change threatening their existence. This film presents a drastic cry for immediate attention and instills our viewers with hope, illuminating present-day efforts for a brighter future. Max Lowe found an opportunity to witness the threat of extinction of one of the worlds most beloved animals and bring it to life in a way that inspires change.
Max LOWE 맥스 로우
Known for his ability to capture stories in the most remote corners of the world, he has honed his skill as a director and photographer in his search for adventure and narratives unheard.
Director Max LOWE
Country USA
Year 2020
Running Time 20min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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Print Sources
NameStept Studios
Tel(+1) 3107955969