• 그린파노라마-Action4Climate
Synopsis Balud is a Filipino dialect word for ‘waves’. This short experimental film is a response to Typhoon Yolanda (International name: Haiyan), which swallowed the director’s hometown Tacloban city last November, 2013. This film dedicated to family, friends and fellowmen who were lost on its wake, and to those who are still fighting for survival and for new beginnings.
Panx Tabao SOLAJES 판스 타바오 솔라제
Born in Tacloban City, Philippines. He finished a master degree in Documentary Film Directing under the DocNomads mobility program which involves semesters in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. His previous films have explored stories about short-term memory loss, male escort service, Romani communities, climate change, sociopolitical crisis, suicide attempts, and the re-contextualization of home video archives. At present, he is back in Tacloban City where he is an NGO volunteer and freelance artist by day and a bus boy by night.
Director Panx Tabao SOLAJES
Country Philippines
Year 2014
Running Time 8min
Genre Experimental
Screening Schedule