개의 역사
  • 한국환경영화경선
Synopsis At a deserted empty neighborhood lot in Seoul lives an old dog. As people just pass by, the dog spends its time solitarily chasing birds and dozing off in the sun. At first people seem indifferent to the dog until little by little, they start pulling out memories of it. The camera floats through memory and reality to start gazing at the faces of the people who have become just parts of the landscape.
KIM Boram 김보람
Born in 1984. KIM was a magazine reporter for two years. After graduating on Mediact’s documentary production course, she has worked on documentary films as a member of P.U.R.N PRODUCTION since 2014. She directed Struggle before the Marriage (2013), Shall We Talk (2014). Baek-gu (2017) is her first feature.
Director KIM Boram
Country Korea
Year 2017
Running Time 83min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule