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Synopsis Miguel OCHAVANO, a shipibo shaman visits his community(Paoyhan) after the flood. The people of Paoyhan, a native community on the Ucayali river, in the peruvian amazon has seen their land flooded and their crops washed away every year since 2011, old people recall events like this to happen every ten years. Although they have higher land available they won´t move because that place has been their home for centuries or more.
Lucía FLOREZ 루시아 플로레즈
Born in Lima, Peru. She studied audiovisual communication in the University of Lima and graduated with honors. She began working in the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law in 2009 making testimonial videos for the project El Clima Cambia, Cambia Tú También (Climate changes, you should too). Currently she’s working for ‘El Taller.pe’ a green company that seeks to continue documenting stories of people and their relationship with their environment in photo and video formats.
Director Lucía FLOREZ
Country Peru
Year 2014
Running Time 7min
Genre Documentary
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