Aunt Hilda!
언트 일다!
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis Plant loving Hilda, has created a museum where she preserves endangered and rare plants from all over the world. Meanwhile Attilem, a new genetically modified cereal, is launched on the market. Growing with little water and fertilizer while generating high crop field Attilem looks like an ideal solution to eradicate starvation and provide an alternative to diminishing oil reserves. But nothing is at it seems. Attilem soon invades the whole surface of the earth in uncontrollable manner, and the company’s profit rockets. Sensing something is seriously wrong, Hilda starts to fight against the monstrous crop that drives the world into disaster. The rough and natural hand-drawing texture is refreshingly beautiful to the eyes tired of computer graphic animation. Witty expression of each character is another eye-catching charm of the film. Aunt Hilda! warns the danger of GMO technology in an astonishingly humorous way.
Jacques-Rémy GIRERD, Benoît CHIEUX 자크 레미 제라르, 베노아 쉐으
Jacques-Rémy GIRERD writes, directs and produces animation films since 1978. At the beginning of the 80's, he founds the studio Folimage, in which he works as a producer. / Benoît CHIEUX is a graphic artist, storyboard artist, co-director and co-writer with Jacques-Remy GIRERD.
Director Jacques-Rémy GIRERD, Benoît CHIEUX
Country France, Luxemburg
Year 2013
Running Time 89min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule