Ants on a Shrimp
앤츠 온 어 쉬림프
  • 에코그라운드
Synopsis Ants on a Shrimp is an once-in-a-lifetime exploration of creativity and inspiration, and a journey of discovery into the people and places, sights and sounds, tastes and flavors, of one of the world’s most amazing food cultures. For the first time ever, this food filled documentary will offer a glimpse into the mind of one of the world’s most influential people (Time Magazine) and his international team, as they undertake one of the biggest challenges of their careers.
Maurice DEKKERS 마우리스 데커스
Maurice DEKKERS is an Amsterdam based journalist, filmmaker and entrepreneur. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts, he produced and directed, with his company DAHL, the food-related, award winning TV series, Keuringsdienst Van Waarde. Ants on a Shrimp is his first feature documentary.
Director Maurice DEKKERS
Country Netherlands
Year 2015
Running Time 88min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule