• 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis A large, built-up parking complex, though shut down, is home to lock-up garages occupied by the Russian members of a very particular men’s ‘club’: some of them work on their vehicles here, others have turned it into a holiday home, a sauna, etc. With humor and an accomplished sense of the absurd, Vladimir LOGINOV observes this anthill in which everyone tinkers with reality or their nostalgia for a lost empire.
Vladimir LOGINOV 블라디미르 로기노브
Estonian director Vladimir LOGINOV was born in 1976 in Tallinn. He graduated from the faculty of Social Sciences at Tallinn University. He gained additional experience in TV productions, news and advertising design at BBC’s, Moscow Congress. His films have been awarded with the best short film awards at Konoshok in Russia and Armenia, as well as picked for East Silver Market
Director Vladimir LOGINOV
Country Estonia
Year 2015
Running Time 83min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule