Animals Labelled as Meat
고기라 불리는 동물들
  • 공존의 삶
Synopsis Nowadays, meat has become one of the most common foods in our daily lives even though we are not really interested in how it is made. Here are clear reasons why we should choose and buy free range meat as opposed to factory farmed meat. In addition, we need to think about what the real free range is about and the labelling system at the same time before we simply pick up the product labelled ‘Free Range’.
JUNG Kyo-min 정교민
While working for Samsung Electro-Mechanics as an engineer after graduation, he recognized the importance of environmental issues. Finally, he decided to study for a MA in Media and Digital Documentary at the University of Sussex, UK. With regard to his documentary, he has been dealing with global issues by focusing on subjects that we are surrounded by.
Director JUNG Kyo-min
Country Korea
Year 2015
Running Time 10min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule