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Synopsis 16-year-old Bella and Vipulan are part of a generation convinced its very future is in danger. Between climate change and the 6th mass extinction of wildlife, their world could well be uninhabitable 50 years from now. So they’ve decided to tackle the root of the problem: our relationship with the living world. They come to realize just how deeply humans are tied to all other living species. And that by saving them... we’re also saving ourselves. Humans are part and parcel of nature. For man is, after all, an animal.
Program Note “That’s the song of the Kauai bird. The last male of their species calling for a partner who will never come. That’s what extinction sounds like. It also sounds like the revving of a chainsaw, the thump of a harpoon and a whistling of a bullet. Extinction looks like miles of razed rainforest, and oceans with more plastic than fish. It smells like car diesel and pollution. It feels like hopelessness, like the end of beauty and wonder. And it feels like my generation will be the ones observing when plastic and pollution and power have gain supremacy over all else.”
Animal starts with a 16-year-old girl’s declaration. The young generation who are supposed to be dreaming of bright future, are most sensitively recognizing the reality that we are living in, where all the creatures on the earth are endangered. Cyril Dion, the director of Demain, which successfully suggested a new ecological paradigm, explores our future in the middle of the sixth mass extinction across the world with the 16-year-old, Bella and Vipulan. The film shows that we are in the end, a part of animal kingdom with no difference from those whom we are destroying and should try not to go extinct along with other wonderous creatures in an intriguing way.
Cyril DION 시릴 디옹
He is a director, writer, poet and environmental activist. The film Demain with Mélanie Laurent won the César for best documentary in 2016. Since then, he has brought art and activism together.
Director Cyril DION
Country France
Year 2021
Running Time 106min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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NameOrange Studio