Anais Goes to War
아나이스가 사는 법
  • 포커스-다시 보는 농사
Synopsis Anaïs is 24. She lives alone in a small house in the middle of the fields of Britanny. Nothing can stop her. Neither the bureaucratic rules of administration, nor misogynistic teachers, nor the out-of-order tractor, nor the whims of weather. She pursues her childhood dream : to become a farmer and grow aromatic and medicinal herbs. The film follows this hard liner. Alone against the world. She doesn’t care. She knows she’ll win.
Marion GERVAIS 마리옹 제르베
Marion GERVAIS has been a casting director for many French directors (J. DOILLON, B. PODALYDES, C. DENIS, C. ACKERMAN…) before she began directing documentary films.
Director Marion GERVAIS
Country France
Year 2014
Running Time 47min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule