Amazing Grace
어메이징 그레이스
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis Lloyd has had a tenuous relationship with forests. He lives in Zambia, where most people rely on charcoal for fuel. In order to survive he has been a charcoal burner for many years, cutting down thousands of trees. We follow him on his personal journey as he addresses the destruction he has caused, as he opts to stop burning charcoal for a living, and sets up a micro-nursery selling trees to his neighboring community instead. This short film offers a brief window into his journey and his deep seated love for the forests around Livingstone that are rapidly decreasing.
Rowan PYBUS 로완 피버스
Rowan PYBUS is a Cape Town based filmmaker, photographer and moving image experimenter. While studying Graphic Design, Rowan discovered that he had a knack for both film and photography and this led him to start his own production company, Makhulu.
Director Rowan PYBUS
Country South Africa
Year 2013
Running Time 5min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule