All that breathes
  • Dear Our Animal Friends
Program Note Two brothers Saud and Nadeem were raised in New Delhi, India, with a Muslim tradition of feeding meat to the black kites would ward off bad luck. With increasingly bad air pollution, more black kites are falling from the sky and getting injured, and the brothers are devoting more time and money to their care. The film has received acclaim from many critics: “A poetic tribute to tenacity,” “One of the more dreamily provocative documentaries I’ve ever seen,” “A narrative so attuned to the craft of filmmaking and the beauty of emotion that it results in a hypnotic viewing experience.” It’s particularly noted for its lyrical and poetic imagery and exquisite score.
Shaunak Sen
Shaunak Sen is a filmmaker and film scholar based in New Delhi, whose work has received support from IDFA Bertha Fund, Sundance, Catapult, Charles Wallace, Sarai CSDS, and the Films Division of India.
Director Shaunak Sen
Country India, USA, UK
Year 2022
Running Time 94min
Genre Documentary
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NameSubmarine Entertainment The Film Collaborative