All live Olive
올 리브 올리브
  • 한국환경영화경선
Synopsis Wizdan lives in the rural village of Sebastia. Both their parents are olive farmers. The film portrays the daily lives of many different Palestiniansliving under Israeli occupation, mainly around Nablus. They struggle to guard their land despite repeated humiliation, and the film focuses on the
resistance of such ordinary Palestinians including Wizdan's family.
KIM Tae-il, JU Ro-mi 김태일, 주로미
KIM Tae-il began his career in independent documentary at P.U.R.N PRODUCTION in 1991 and won the Woonpa Award at the 10th BIFF for Annyoung, Sayonara (2004). He has toured the world in his quest to introduce the lives of the people through works such as Wellang Trei (2012). JU Ro-mi is awaiting the theatrical release of her debut feature documentary All live Olive.
Director KIM Tae-il, JU Ro-mi
Country Korea
Year 2016
Running Time 92min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule