엄마의 레시피
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Synopsis Herman (44) fills his days with teaching Biology at a school. He fulfills his function conscientious and with unemotional passion. At night he spends his time in front of the televison with a frozen pizza. Being a single man he doesn't like to cook and only reason to eat is cause he's hungry.
Only at Sunday night Herman he sits down to dinner and enjoys the meal at his parents house. His mother is an excellent cook who knows how to put all her love in cooking for her husband and son. One cold evening she just sighs down at the table. Dead.

His not too talkative father is stricken with grief. Now Herman has to take care of him. He swiftly discovers his father can't be captivated by frozen pizzas. Untouched they remain standing at the table. Only option for him is to make his mother's food. So he picks up her cooking book and loses himself in her recipes. For the first time he makes his way to a greengrocer's, leading him to be amazed by all the colours, scents and the flavours. Fully packed he returns to his parental house in order to passionately devote himself to cooking his mother's food.

But whatever he tries, his father refuses the food. In his desperate attempts to make his father eat, Herman reveals himself from a neglected man to a human being that knows to appreciate a good meal. And while his life seems to enter new dimensions, his father's seems to turn more gritty.

When Herman realizes life has lost meaning to his father, he combines his biological knowledge with his newly acquired skills. He prepares him a particular meal that doesn't need words to make his father digest it with all the consequences that will entail.
Anielle Webster 아니엘 벱스터
Director Anielle Webster
Country Netherlands
Year 2012
Running Time 12'30"
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule