A Thirsty World
얀 베르트랑의 여행: 목마른 대지
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis A Thirsty World attempts to bring together Yann ARTHUS-BERTRAND's trademark aerial view of the world with the harsh, everyday reality of all those people who are deprived of water and may even die for lack of it, the people engaged in the daily struggle to find water, purify it or bring it to those who need it. Reportages filmed in Europe, Africa, Asia and America invite comments from the people working and innovating to bring water to those who need it, use it more intelligently, purify it, or, better still, stop polluting it, because access to clean drinking water is more than ever the big challenge of tomorrow.
Yann ARTHUS-BERTRAND 얀 아르튀스–베르트랑
Born in 1946. Yann ARTHUS-BERTRAND has always had a passion for the animal world and the natural environment. He turned his attention towards long-term projects, books and exhibitions including The Earth from Above. He then created GoodPlanet in 2005, a non-profit organization that aims public awareness of environmental issues and to develop concrete solutions towards a more sustainable way of life.
Country France
Year 2012
Running Time 88min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule