A Roar of the Prairie
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis A familiar roar of the civil defense drill sirens blasts through the rain-falling neighborhood of Busan’s Beomjeon-dong. Subsequently the rain is replaced by a light breeze which may have come from the train running across the southern tracks of the East Sea, or from the breathtaking meadows of ‘Camp Hialeah’. The mysterious breeze passes through an ‘abandoned village(Dolchool Village), and then the ‘Red Alley(street address 300)’ until it vanishes to a great ‘explosion’.
OH Min-Wook 오민욱
Born in 1985, Busan, Korea. He has been making experimental documentaries that stares the layers of time engraved in space.
Director OH Min-Wook
Country Korea
Year 2015
Running Time 75min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule