A Polar Bear Tear
북극곰의 눈물
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis When a polar bear was looking for a ice-bug, collecting rubbish for building his raft, he found a piece of newspaper which was said about The special investment for the extinction crisis of pandas by government. At that time, The bear came to think that his species were becoming extinct. Eventually, He came up with an idea which was that he would put on makeup with a paint he found from his rubbish raft, and then he got to the park where pandas were living. After getting to the park, he tried to hang out with Pandas, but he was supprised of looking at the fake pandas. They were polar bears like him. The problem was that the government chose the way to making polar bears into pandas for money instead of looking for good solutions for the poor animals.
Yon In-sik 유인식
Director Yon In-sik
Country Korea
Year 2010
Running Time 3'12"
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule