A Girl and a Shipwreck
소녀와 난파선
  • 한국환경영화경선
Synopsis KIM Haneuldameun is a young girl who dreams of becoming an underwater photographer. One day in 2013, she encounters a wrecked ship underneaththe water. For some time, she feared of entering the water after the Sewol Ferry disaster. However, she continues her task of capturing images of
the wrecked ship on camera. She decides to open an exhibition of her underwater photo works with an underwater photographer. She offers her
photos of the sky and clouds as a present to the wrecked ship that cannot see the sky from beneath the water it has sunken into.
KIM Se-mee, LEE Jeong-joon 김세미, 이정준
KIM Se-mee has been making documentaries for 20 years. She wrote a script for Hello?! Orchestra. Palace of Hope, Dil Kusha is her debut film. LEE Jeong-joon is a documentary director specializing in wildlife. His major work is Human vs. Whale and Mr.Shark.
Director KIM Se-mee, LEE Jeong-joon
Country Korea
Year 2017
Running Time 70min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule