A Farmer's Struggle
마른 땅의 농사꾼
  • 사막화냐 숲이냐 - 단편
Synopsis Minqin County in China’s Gansu Province is hemmed in by two huge, relentlessly encroaching deserts. A village that was once home to more than 40 families is now a dusty ruin with neither electricity nor running water. But 52-year-old farmer Wei Guangcai and his wife refuse to leave, preferring to take their chances with the sand.Wei is sustained by his late father’s belief that the desertification can be stopped if people remain in the area. He’s no environmentalist; he just wants to finish what his father stArted; to give meAng to the battle with the sand, the isolation and loneliness, and the government that continually urges him to relocate.
But life for Wei and his wife is getting even harder as the rapid desertification forces people to abandon other villages in the region. “A Farmer’s Struggle” is a soulful depiction of the struggle to live off the land where some of the biggest dust storms in the world are born.
Liang Zhao 리앙 자오
Director Liang Zhao
Country China, Japan
Year 2009
Running Time 30'
Genre Documentray
Screening Schedule