• 포커스- 쟁점 2016
Synopsis The fall of a device named A.D.A.M. (Autonomous Drone for Asteroid Mining) causes the strengthening of its cognitive processes and activation of the autonomous mode. This leads to its refusal of communication with the satellite company operators. An atlas of intensive empty landscapes, urban megastructures and lost horizons immersed in a cacophony of languages, codes and communication networks forms the basis of this metafiction about the relationship between man and machine.
Vladislav KNEZEVIC 블라디슬라브 케네제비치
Vladislav KNEZEVIC (1967) studied at De Vrije Academie (Audio-visual Dept.) in Den Haag. He is into experimental film, video and sound processing since 1988. He has also initiated and organized several film programs and presentations (Reference to Difference, Videodrome TV edition, 25 FPS Festival).
Director Vladislav KNEZEVIC
Country Croatia
Year 2014
Running Time 13min
Genre Experimental
Screening Schedule