A Corner Shop
길모퉁이 가게
  • Korean Competition
Synopsis Picnic Cat is a social enterprise that makes and delivers lunchbox meals. It was set up eight years ago by resource-strapped youngsters and grownups to help young people who have opted out of the basic education system. From a small shop making monthly revenues of less than 10 million Korean Won in the spring of 2014, the business grew its revenue to more than 50 million Won in three years. What was happening to the folks working in Picnic Cat in those years? A Corner Shop is the story of how the individuals working in Picnic Cat oscillated between livelihood and humanhood as their shop grew up with them.
LEE Sukgyung 이숙경
After majoring in Women’s Studies, she worked as an organizer in the field of feminist art management, broadcaster and editor until she shifted gears to start a career as a film director. She received the NETPAC award at the 2009 Berlin Int’l Film Festival with her first feature-length film , while her feature-length documentary won the Ockrang Award at the 13th Int’l Womens’ Film Festival In Seoul(IWFFIS). She continues experimenting with feminist filmmaking.
Director LEE Sukgyung
Country Korea
Year 2018
Running Time 75min
Genre Documentary
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NameKIM Hye Jung
Tel82 10 6688 1109