A Beautiful Star
아름다운 별
  • 일본영화특별전
Synopsis Juichiro OSUGI, a demotivated weather forecaster, suddenly comes to believe that he is from Mars after mysteriously struck by blinding light. About the same time, his children also awake as aliens. They believe that they have dierent missions to accomplish on Earth and Juichiro believes his is to let people realize the immediate danger of environmental crisis. His peculiar plea to save the beautiful planet earns him the limelight; however, a mysterious would-be alien appears to claim against Juichiro. Once a frivolous weatherman now desperately tries to let the man and his audience understands his conviction, not knowing the fate awaiting him ahead.
YOSHIDA Daihachi 요시다 다이하치
Born in 1963 in Japan. He made his directorial debut with Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers!, which was world premiered at Cannes Critics Week in 2007. Since then, he has been highly acclaimed with The Wonderful World of Captain Kuhio (2009), and Permanent Nobara (2010). In 2012, The Kirishima Thing received 36th Japan Academy Prize for Best Picture and Best Director. Pale Moon (2014) won Best Actress Award and Audience Award at Tokyo International Film Festival.
Director YOSHIDA Daihachi
Country Japan
Year 2017
Running Time 127min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule