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자작나무 거리에서 길을 잃다
  • 그린파노라마-오래된 미래
Synopsis A nuclear accident has happened at a power station so, the village had to be evacuated, only Elisabeth and Heinrich decided to stay. Apart from this, Elisabeth is afflicted with dementia and does not remember anything about this disastrous catastrophe. Her memory loss makes it even more difficult for him to keep their daily routine alive. But as his heart problems make worsen the situation. He decides to call for help but the phone connection is not stable enough.
Sophia BIEREND 소피아 비어렌트
She graduated DEKRA Hochschule Berlin, Germany with Bachelor of Arts in October 2013. Since then, she has learned a lot of work experiences. Recently, she worked Long Distance Productions in Chicago as an intern and learning editing, pre-production and researching.
Director Sophia BIEREND
Country Germany
Year 2013
Running Time 19min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule