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Synopsis Nowadays, in Tristan, 270 people live on this small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Nick and Anne, two teenagers, have known each other since their birth and are lovers since childhood. But Anne's just made up her mind: she's going to study in England, 6,152 miles away from Tristan.
Adriano VALERIO 아드리아노 발레리오
Adriano VALERIO was born in Italy in 1977. After a BA in Law and film studies at Marco Bellocchio’s workshops, he moved to France and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts at EICAR, The International Film School of Paris. He is currently Head Professor of the Fast Track Section and Professor of Film Analysis. He lives in Paris and works as a freelance director and screenwriter.
Director Adriano VALERIO
Country France
Year 2013
Running Time 12min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule