00-Baby Boom Child
베이비붐 차일드
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis On their way home by bike through a deserted industrial area, a mother and her son starts to talk about what happened when our dream of eternal economic growth collided with the peak, and following decline in global oil production. In a sad but quite plausible picture of the near future, our children make us accountable for today's irresponsible way of living."
Maja LINDSTRÖM 마야 린드스트룀
She was born in Stockholm in 1972. After studies in art and advertising in the 90s (L'Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, Nyckelviksskolan and Beckmans School of design in Stockholm), she started her career as an independent filmmaker. Since 2003 she is a director of animated films and since then she works with her husband animator Lars NORDÉN. Their previous films have received several awards.
Director Maja LINDSTRÖM
Country Sweden
Year 2014
Running Time 26min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule