The Passion of Mountain, Earth and Water

This section illuminates and revisits the habitat of all the creatures on the earth, including human,non-human animals, insects, and marine creatures, and its history. Its history has been a series of hardships and sufferings. The mountains and lands have been continuously plundered, destroyed, and contaminated. Water, our blood vessel, is also struggling with human greed and ignorance in its way. The films in this section call for attention on hundreds-year-long suffering of the land, forest, trees, and the ocean as well as the small number of people who console them.
Pia Rönicke
Sweden, Denmark, 2023, 100min
Utku Alak, Cengizhan Ata Bolcan
Türkiye, 2023, 16min
Peter Magnusson
Sweden, 2021, 96min
Raul Domingues
Portugal, 2022, 65min
Ivars Seleckis
Latvia, 2022, 108min
Alejandro Loayza Grisi
Bolivia, Uruguay, France, 2022, 87min